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What is StatusAction AND What Does the Service Provide?

dancker believes in making asset management, materials management AND inventory management an easy process for our customers AND are pleased to offer StatusAction as a solution. This technology allows ours customers the ability to track, move or re-deploy their inventory over the cloud.

Advanced Technology AND Tracking

Our Logistical Solutions concentrate on making the materials management process as simple as possible. StatusAction allows an organization to monitor the transfer of goods AND materials FROM one location to another. It serves as a vital tool for managing your materials while creating a customized approach to efficiently adhere to the goals of your move.

Is End-of-Life Inventory a Concern for Your Business?

We help manage obsolete inventory AND we provide a variety of solutions tailored to provide you with the appropriate service. dancker can knock down product in one location AND have it re-delivered within the client's network. Additionally, we can phase out or stage the redeployment and re-purpose of product by adding selected new components to achieve a value-engineered solution. Finally, we also coordinate the delivery of product to recycling firms that refurbish AND re-sell the product, coordinating product donations to charitable institutions AND brokering product to firms that work with international charities to redeploy product to needed areas overseas.

We Are Here to Help...

StatusAction is a service that is exclusive to our customers. If you would like to learn more about the service, please contact your sales representative or call us at (908) 231-1600.


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